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Is anyone else here a fan of the Pagan books written by Australian author  Catherine Jinks? (But they're available in the UK and Canada and the US as well)  If not, you should be. They're (mainly) beautifully written, the characters are endearing. It's a bit angsty, but it's also got enough great things and comedy to make it worthwhile. It's narrated by Pagan, in first person, he is, in the first book, a  very snarky, talkative, 16 year old mixed race (turkish/'white', we don't know what nationality his mother was) boy, in the 1180s, during the crusades, in Jerusalem. He joins the Templar Knights as a squire and is paired up with  Roland who is in his 20s somewhere, tall, strong, blonde, blue eyed, French, and totally repressed and silent. And they make a fantastic team. The first book is set in the Crusades, and is called Pagan's Crusade, the second is Pagan in Exile, and the third is Pagan's  Vows. There's two sequels that aren't as good and  really have nothing to do with Pagan, called Pagan's Scribe and Pagan's Daughter.

I HIGHLY recommend these books (except the sequels, to be honest). Adults love them too. pagansfandom hope it's okay that I'm putting a comm link here, but if you're a fan, come join us!
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